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  1. Q

    How does the GREENPLUG save electricity?


    Reduces energy loss by optimizing the efficiency through power factor improvement.

    Saves electricity by preventing unnecessary power loss by improving the power quality through the elimination of harmonics generated in the use of electric appliances.

  2. Q

    What are the characteristics of the GREENPLUG and its competitiveness?


    The GREENPLUG is a smart, advanced, and high-performance power saving device that features power quality improvements that optimize efficiency and minimize energy losses of the products by using its specialized capacitors and DC reactors without any reduction of power voltage.

  3. Q

    What kind of loads is there and what are the savings effect it can provide?


    Specific savings vary depending on the operating environment of the actual product load and how it’s operated.

    - Resistive load products: water heater, iron, rice cooker, midnight electricity, and various electric heaters.

    The potential energy saving is about 0%.

    - Inductive load products: ① Air conditioner ② Television ③ Refrigerator, Freezer ④ Laundry machine ⑤ Vacuum cleaner

    ⑥ Air purifier ⑦ Motors ⑧ Fluorescent lights ⑨ Computer ⑩ Microwave oven ⑪ Dehumidifier

    The maximum potential energy saving is about 40%.

    - Complex load family: resistive load + inductive load

    The energy saving is about 10 ~ 15% in the place where the inductive load is more than 60% of the load configuration.

  4. Q

    What does power factor mean?


    Power factor = active power / apparent power (power supplied by the utility)

                   How effective is the voltage and current applied to the electrical device?

                   The efficiency, or efficiency, is called the power factor.

  5. Q

    What are harmonics?


    When the electric power supplied by an electric power company (AC) is converted into direct current (DC), all electric appliances have

    Commonly occurring non-linear waveforms that adversely affect all electrical and electronic products

    Also known as parasitic waves.

    When harmonics disappear

    - Vibration and noise (refrigerator) decrease significantly.

    - The heat of the electric appliance is lowered and the illuminance of the lighting is brighter.

    - The static electricity of the monitor is improved and the afterimage of the screen is cleaned.

    - Significantly reduces unnecessary power loss.

    Conclusion: By extending the lifetime of the product by improving the performance of electric and electronic products,

    You can get the effect

  6. Q

    What is the maximum reduction in the electric current and the improvement of the power factor using the GREENPLUG?


    The electric current reduction effect is from 6% up to 40% and the power factor can be improved from at least 10% up to 60%. (Based on Korea Electrical Safety Corporation (KESCO) Test Results)

  7. Q

    How long does a GREENPLUG last?


    The GREENPLUG can be used for about 10 years with specialized technology and parts.

  8. Q

    How many GREENPLUG should I use at my house?


    Monthly usage (kwh) ÷ Daily use (sales) ÷ 30 days = Usage per hour

    Example: Monthly usage 3,000 kWh ÷ 10 ÷ 30 = 10 kWh per hour

    The average usage is 10kwh, but it may increase or decrease depending on the environment

    We install one household per 400 kWh of monthly electricity use and one per 1,000 kwh of shop or store.

  9. Q

    Where should I install the GREENPLUG?


    If you are using a 120v electrical outlet, it is recommended that you plug it into the wall outlet that you use the most.

    If you have a refrigerator that is used 24 hours a day, it is best to put it in the outlet that plugs into the refrigerator.

    In the case of an air conditioner using 240v electricity, install the cable by connecting the fuse box near the outdoor unit

    We recommend using a green plug with a box installed.

    It is best to plug in a lot of electricity near the electrical appliance for a long time,

    If not, install and install the install box near the distribution box.

  10. Q

    Will I save more electricity if I plug in more GREENPLUG?


    Electric power is not just a scalar quantity but a vector quantity that specifies both magnitude and direction. 

    The GREENPLUG is a device that compensates the lagging power factor that accounts for most of the power that we use and eliminates harmonics.

    Therefore, if you use the green plug that has a true power factor instead of a lagging power factor, you will not see any effect. Also, even if it is a lagging factor, it is most effective when it’s appropriately compensated for the power usage.

  11. Q

    Can I see the savings immediately after installing the GREENPLUG?


    The savings effect varies depending on the operating environment of the load, the operation mode and the power factor of the electric appliance. Also, the savings are accumulated after a certain amount of time when the cumulative changes are collected.

  12. Q

    What happens to electrical and electronic products when harmonics occur?


    If the voltage of the power supply system is distorted and the impedance of the electric equipment resonate, the electric waves are further amplified due to the mutual conflicts of the electric products, causing induction trouble and eventually decreasing the efficiency of the electric power, 

    - Increasing resistance causes heat in power equipment and increases unnecessary power loss.

    - Vibration and noise are increased and noise is generated, causing the device to malfunction.

    - Static electricity is generated and illumination is blurred


    Impedance is a measure of the extent to which waves in a medium are impeded by electrical conduction or conduction

    What is Resonance: A phenomenon in which the capacitive impedance and the inductive impedance become the same. Power factor decrease, voltage rise, and error of the instrument occur.

    Conclusion: The performance of the device is degraded and the lifetime of electrical and electronic products is shortened.

  13. Q

    What happens if the GREENPLUG is installed and the harmonics are eliminated?


    Vibration and noise (refrigerator) are significantly reduced.

    - The heat of the electric appliance is lowered and brighter lighting.

    - The static electricity of the monitor is improved, and the afterimage of the screen is cleared.

    - Significantly reduced unnecessary power loss.

    Conclusion: You can obtain power savings by improving the performance of electric appliances and prolonged lifetime span of the product. 

  14. Q

    How long does the GREENPLUG (AHS1-5) last?


    The GREENPLUG is made with advanced technology and specialized parts that can be used for about 10 years.

  15. Q

    What are the available voltages for the GREENPLUG (AHS1-5)?


    It can be used in all single phase (120V, 240V) and three phase (207V, 480V) loads, and large capacity can be installed in parallel.