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  1. Q

    Can GREENPLUG have a harmful effect on electric appliances and devices?


    Because the GREENPLUG is connected parallel to the circuit, even if there is damage to the green saver, it will not affect the appliance or device. It improves efficiency but does not cause any harmful effects at all.

  2. Q

    Does the GREENPLUG optimize the voltage?


    The GREENPLUG uses special capacitors, which can reduce the damage caused by transient overvoltages and abnormal pulses.

  3. Q

    When and for what functions was the GREENPLUG certified with?


    Certified for "The device with power quality improvement and power saving feature." on August 12, 2012.

  4. Q

    In general, how many power saving methods and types are there?


    ① One method is by providing a lowered voltage than the power supplied by the power company by lowering a certain amount of voltage.

    ② Another method is by improving the efficiency of equipment while maintaining the voltage supplied by the power company.

  5. Q

    What are the disadvantages and side effects of energy saving method by lowering the voltage?


    When the voltage supplied from the power company is constant, and higher than normal, there will be no problem, but problems arise because the voltage cannot be supplied constantly.

    ① Errors or malfunction of electronics.

    ② Increased vibration and noise due to unstable voltage.

    ③ Increased heat of electronics due to low voltage.

    ④ Low brightness of lights.

    ⑤ Short lifetime span of electronics.

    Metaphor: It’s the same as when a car goes up a slope, the speed drops, the noise of the engine increases, and the fuel consumption increases.

  6. Q

    Are there any test results or certificates of objective verifications of the GREENPLUG?


    The GREENPLUG not only has patent certificate for invention, but its excellency has also been verified through various certifications and test results.

    1. Patent certificate for invention: was obtained for a device with power quality improvement and power saving functions on August 12, 2012.

    Obtained “Invention Patent No. 10-1174819”


    2. Registration of international patent applied "No. 2012000240" / Registration of Chinese patent application completed.

    3. Test results: Obtained the test results for “Power factor improvement and current reduction” from Korea Electrical Safety Corporation (KESCO). 

    Also acquired Korea Electric Research Institute (KERI) test results!

    Received the same test results (BQC) from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

    4. IEC / IEECE - Obtained CB European International Electrical Safety Certification!

    5. Other certificates: KTC / CE / BQC / ISO China patent applied.